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Five Reasons to Use our Estate Sale Services

Five Reasons to Use OUR Estate Sale Services:

We walk you through the overall process, making it simple and easy so that you Conserve Mental Energy. On the day of your auction, we established, sold, and cleared up. 

WE Assume The Responsibility: FOR YOUR SALES, YOU CAN REDUCE STRESS. You won't have to worry about a thing because we'll handle all the selling-related tasks. 

We cost products by market conditions so that you may maximize the proceeds from your antique shop.

WE Raise Awareness: Using well-known social media networks that are appropriate for estate sale auctions, we disseminate information. 

WE ARE TRUSTED AND PROFESSIONAL: Designers are well-versed in our field and have the contacts necessary to offer the best level of client service.

Benefits of Online Estate Sales:

Customers Have More Time to Purchase Your Goods! 

In contrast to internet auctions, which often run one week, our live online estate sales typically last one day. 

Customers will find it much easier! 

Online auctions make it simpler for both buyers and sellers to buy and sell goods. Buyers may easily explore auction products from the comfort of their homes and submit bids from anywhere with the help of online auctions! 

Finding Your Items Is Simpler, and You Can Move More Stuff! 

No items are interred! Customers can find everything you wish to offer in the same web space. To make the knowledge available to buyers, we feature specific images and descriptions for each item.

Your property, including any products, and your identity, are safeguarded! 

You won't need to be concerned about visitors stumbling around your home and maybe causing harm, mishaps, or wear - and - tear. Additionally, if you reside in a condominium, you might need to adhere to an HOA that forbids you from holding a live auction on your premises. 

 Time is saved through online sales! 

The switch time from putting your sale just on books to beginning to sell your products is quicker with just an auction site compared to a real deal. Why? Putting up and presenting each estate sale effectively requires additional time. We adhere to a specific grab policy whenever customers purchase your products online.

There is no lowest amount of products one can shop items! 

We often need a minimal number of products that can bring in a certain sum of funds since live auctions require additional time to arrange. There is no requirement for selling a minimum number of things in online auctions. Users can either focus on buying a select handful of your items or the rest. Why not give it a try?

How much does an estate sale cost? 

15% of sales plus a set service charge for an internet estate sale event. 

Do you offer a projection of the proceeds from the estate sale? 

Yes, we provide a very realistic and conservative quote at our original free consultation. 

How much time is required for estate sale preparation? 

Usually, it takes 1–2 weeks to research, suggest the sale price, get appraisals, take photos, advertise, and promote. 

When will my property sale be held? 

Based on how many are in the estate, the sale will span 2 to 4 days. We furthermore provide 15-day digital antique dealer auctions.

How do you determine the estate sale item prices? 

We value many household products using our professional knowledge and experience. Our assessment is based on recent developments and the product's worth in the second-hand market. 

We reach out to our community of specialists, expert investigators, art auction organizations, and online sources seeking uncommon and precious artifacts or objects with confirmed provenance. 

After your sale, will you provide expert cleaning services? 

We can contract with a qualified cleaning service that is bonded, insured, and licensed to perform a thorough healthy. On-demand, we may also put you in touch with the cleaning business immediately.

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